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Tuesday 26 April, 2016
Commercial Vehicle Showcase in Birmingham
Haulage and Commercial fleet operators remain unconvinced by the hydrogen fuel cell technology which effectively produces electric vehicles.

The Commercial Vehicle Show at the NEC on 27th April showcased everything….. except Hydrogen.

Whilst LDV launched their impressive zero emissions electric van; the EV 80, it was largely business as usual for the rest of the industry as traditionalists stood firmly by the Internal Combustion Engine.

However, many agreed that if hydrogen fuel could be mixed with traditional diesel to reduce fuel consumption and emissions it could represent a breakthrough.

It was even suggested that by combining WFEs  HydroGentm electrolyser with the latest Euro 6 DPFs,  the pressures on the industry to achieve Euro 7 by 2020, were less onerous.

Wednesday 30 March, 2016
APC Show Case
WFE Electrolyser Selected for APC Showcase at The University of Warwick
The WFE electrolyser has been selected for the prestigious Expo at Warwick University where the Advanced Propulsion Centre showcases some of the UKs groundbreaking automotive technology.

The National Showcase profiles some of the cutting edge projects which are helping to reduce carbon emissions and deliver improved fuel economy to all automotive vehicles, from cars and vans to trucks, buses… even boats and trains.

The GKN GyroDrive, Prodrive’s V12 engines for the Aston Martin Vulcan and Oaktec’s “Pulse-R” multi-gas engines are all on show alongside the WFE HydroGentm, which boasts emissions reductions of at least 65% and fuel savings of 29%.

The Showcase is used by engineering students and industry specialists to stimulate greater interest in low carbon technologies.

It is free to visit and is open weekdays from 9 til 5.

Friday 18 March, 2016
Aberdeen Hydrogen Transport Showcase
The Aberdeen Showcase event was held during Hydrogen week, and highlighted the role being played by Scotland in spearheading developments in Hydrogen fuelled vehicles.


Speaking for Transport Scotland, Ewan Swaffam said that Hydrogen production was still in its early stages and that consumers needed to be exposed to its potential if they were to embrace it in their vehicles.

David Yorke, the New Technology Mgr for Tower Transit in London, acknowledged that Hydrogen buses presented logistical issues as they were prone to break down and fleet engineers were not able to work on them due to warranty issues.

Aberdeen Councillor Barney Crockett spoke about the role Aberdeen could play in sustainable transport but agreed that as the capital of the UK fuel industry, Aberdeen also had to keep the carbon fuel industry on a side.

When asked if the WFE HydroGentm could be the answer to keeping both camps happy, C’llr Crockett agreed that this could be the ideal solution.

“Technology that can both ‘clean' carbon fuels and helps to extend their supply lifetime can only be a good thing”, he confirmed. “Aberdeen’s fortunes have been built upon oil revenues and although we need to plan for life after oil, a solution that makes the journey smoother would be welcomed"

Monday 29 February, 2016
Dr Alan Whitehead MP
UK HFCA Innovative Solution for Low Carbon Heat
'Autonomous Electrolysers are a welcome development' says Shadow Minister

Caption: Dr Alan Whitehead MP Shadow; Minister for Energy & Climate Change


At a debate organised by the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association in February, the Shadow Minister for Energy & Climate Change acknowledged that the costs of establishing a Hydrogen re-fuelling infrastructure in the UK was delaying a wholesale commitment to Hydrogen vehicles.

Chairing the meeting, Dr. Alan Whitehead MP expressed his support for the role that “autonomous electrolysers” can play in promoting hydrogen vehicles. He agreed that whilst pure Hydrogen vehicles were emerging slowly, Hydrogen hybrids could double the life of fossil fuels and help to reduce the harmful emissions they produce.

“Hydrogen production, distribution, storage and refuelling all present significant challenges”, said the Shadow Minister “Any technology that can be retro-fitted to vehicles that can produce hydrogen on the move would be a welcome development”.

As a result of dedicating his career to renewable energy, Dr. Whitehead said he was familiar with the principles of electrolysis and understood that hydrogen was first produced from water since the 19th century. He expressed his delight that this-this ‘old technology’ was finally re-emerging such as the WFE HydroGentm in a state-of-the-art form that could contribute to environmental improvements.

Wednesday 17 February, 2016
Red Bridge Event
Participation of Redbridge Event
Water Fuel introduced at London Annual Vehicle Compliance Event

When Redbridge hosted their prestigious annual event on 17th March, delegates were keen to see the WFE HydroGentm in action.

The compact unit houses an innovative electrolyser, which can be retro-fitted to any Council vehicle to reduce emissions and to reduce fuel consumption.

The event, held each year at Redbridge Council’s Ilford depot, showcased a range of low carbon vehicles, including many electric vehicles, but fleet managers were united in agreeing that while electric fuel cells will work for cars and vans, heavier trucks like refuse vehicles and road sweepers will continue to need traditional fossil fuel for the foreseeable future.

WFE’s ‘Autonomous Electrolyser’ is, therefore, the perfect solution; cleaning the carbon fuel and helping it to combust more effectively.

Road trials will take place in June and Councils is being invited to participate so they can see the benefits at first hand.

Tuesday 16 February, 2016
Phil Davies
Power Electronics Event in Nottingham University
Water Fuel Engineering were one of a range of innovators, invited to speak at the Power Electronics event on 26th February at Nottingham University.

Delegates were keen to question the former  WFE engineer Dragomir Ivanov about the complexity of our patented electronic control system which has revolutionised hydrogen technology.

Instead of a constant DC power source, the control system delivers finely regulated pulses to increase the rate at which gas is released from the electrolyte. The difference is the ability to deliver enough gas to make a difference in conventional internal combustion engines, where diesel (or other fuels) can be burned more quickly and their energy released more effectively.

The Event heard from GKN about their GyroDrive and from Cummins about their long-term plans for alternative fuel engines.

But automotive engineers were particularly impressed that the WFE autonomous electrolyser had restored the role of Hydrogen in the quest for cleaner emissions.

Tuesday 29 December, 2015
Bulgarian Hydrogen Society Exhibition
Participation of Bulgarian Hydrogen Society Exhibition Yull Brown
Water Fuel Engineering has started cooperation with the Bulgarian Hydrogen Society. This is a nationwide society, aiming at implementing green energy practices in Bulgaria through rapidly adopting modern hydrogen technologies.

The Strategic partners are The Bulgarian Ministry of Defense, NATO – defense technologies, Ministry of Economy and Energy, Institute for Hydrogen technologies, Sofia University, University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, University of mining and Geology, Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems, Ecoproekt, Voda BG, Water Fuel Engineering Bulgaria. Thanks to the close cooperation of Water Fuel Engineering with the Bulgarian Hydrogen Society, it was possible to exhibit the work and the accomplishments of the discoverer of the Braun gas – Ilia Valkov with the title “Maintaining the accomplishments of Ilia Valkov /Yull Brown/”, presented at the Polytechnical Museum in Sofia. The laboratory equipment, presented in the exhibition, was restored under the guidance of the executive director of Bulgarian Hydrogen Society, prof. eng. Tsveti Tsvetkov. The restoration was done by eng. Dragomir Ivanov – former Principal at Water Fuel Engineering. For his collaboration, he was awarded a certificate and the company was invited to become a member of the Bulgarian Hydrogen Society.


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