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Monday 24 February, 2020
Oxy-hydrogen for Health

Water Fuel Engineering has finalised the prototype for health and well-being!


Oxy-Hydrogen is also called Brown’s Gas (HHO) and consists of two parts of hydrogen and one part of oxygen. This is the same proportion as water. The difference is that Oxy-hydrogen is not simply oxygen plus hydrogen as they are not separated after electrolysis but are the amalgamated mixture of gases.


Oxy-hydrogen is a powerful anti-oxidant, acting as a barrier against free radicals and used for anti-inflammation. HHO is a very small neutrally charged molecule that can penetrate cell membranes, giving the unique ability to access mitochondria within the cells where it can benefit our health. Free radicals are uncharged and unstable molecules that are highly reactive, making them highly likely to pull apart other molecules when they try to become stable. Anti-oxidants stabilises free radicals and reduces the amount of damage they could cause.


HydroVitality is an autonomous electrolyser generating oxy-hydrogen gas that can be used anywhere to provide oxy-hydrogen inhalation therapies.This straightforward method delivers oxy-hydrogen through a nasal cannula or facemask, enabling the gas to act more rapidly which makes it a suitable treatment against acute oxidative stress.  Studies have demonstrated that inhaling oxy-hydrogen has benefitil impacts on our cells. This kind of therapy is popular in East Asia, particularly Japan, China and South Korea, and is already leading the beauty and wellness trends.

Oxy-hydrogen therapies are beneficial to our well-being, with testimonies showing how individuals can breathe easier, have reduced scarring and wrinkles, have reduced stress on their muscles during and after exercise, improved hydration and many many more...


Water Fuel Engineering will showcase HydroVitality at the Med-Tech Innovation Expo 2020, and invites you to visit our stand on 1st and 2nd of April 2020.


Wednesday 06 November, 2019
United Kingdom, Energy & Power Awards 2019
Water Fuel Engineering recognised as 'Leading Developer of Oxy-Hydrogen Applications'!


''With the need to reduce carbon emissions and discussions of climate change swirling, the dedicated businesses and professionals, operating in the fields of power generation, transport and distribution are facing new challenges at an exponential rate. Therefore, it seems imperative to the organisers of the Energy & Power Awards 2019 that these companies and individuals are not just recognised but rewarded for their hard work in providing cutting edge solutions within the energy sector.


Supplying energy to the homes across the UK takes perseverance, tenacity and innovation which is why SME News wants to highlight and celebrate the efforts and endeavours of those companies, large and small, with our Energy & Power Awards 2019.


Award Coordinator discusses the success of this year’s programme: “Powering business and homes across the country, our winners are some of the best of the best from across the energy and power market. I am proud of all of my winners and I hope to hear more of your successes in the coming years.”


SME News prides itself on the validity of its awards and winners. The awards are given solely on merit and are awarded to commend those most deserving for their ingenuity and hard work, distinguishing them from their competitors and proving them worthy of recognition.''

Tuesday 29 October, 2019
NFUS North East Renewable and Energy Saving Meeting
at Oldmeldrum


The National Farmers Union of Scotland organised a fantastic event for members at Oldmeldrum. First Class speakers and excellent chairing by NFUS Renewables Co-ordinator, David Smith from Cloffrickford Farm. 


Highly interesting topics covered by all speakers. Nigel Holmes : CEO, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association: “Hydrogen Production & Opportunities within our Farming Industry” & Andrew McGowan: Manager, Absolute Solar & Wind Limited: “Storage Opportunities for all Renewable Technologies” & Gerry Stephens, Financial Manager, Mackies of Rothienorman: “How Mackies’ efficiently utilises its’ power on farm” 


 Alexander Nenov: DMD, Water Fuel Engineering: “Opportunities to power your own vehicle using Hydrogen” and Jim Bisset: MD, Hydro Genie: “Heating your water for less” 


James Buchan: Specialist Manager, CARES: “Financial guidance and advice in funding projects and new technology”. Special "thank you" to Skelmonae Wind Farm for so generously sponsoring this evening's event, and to Andrew Connon, North East Regional Vice Chair for such a well constructed and delivered Vote of Thanks.'


The highly informative event showed methods of efficiently using existing resources to reduce the effect of farming on the natural environment. The passion towards ultra-low emissions technology in Scotland continues to grow, and the focus of protecting the natural environment is shared throughout the close-knit agricultural community, particularly in the North East.

Tuesday 01 October, 2019
Production base
organised and ready for work

Thursday 05 September, 2019
Sheffield University Interns
have begun their work placement in Water Fuel Engineering.

The four students will work on methods of further optimising the delivery of oxy-hydrogen to internal combustion engine.

Thursday 01 August, 2019
Hydrogen taxi
In Cambridge

The first Mercedes taxi using HydroGen

Thursday 01 August, 2019
First export shipment to India
of HydroGen decarbonisation systems.

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