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Wednesday 06 July, 2022
Cut emissions using hydrogen
Bill Gates names hydrogen as the 'Swiss army knife of decarbonisation'


Hydrogen continues to gain recognition for its potential to decarbonise almost every industry on the planet. Bill Gates has begun campaigning for hydrogen to become more widespread and available to consumers.

Monday 06 June, 2022
First Hydrogen Hybrid Combine Harvester
brough to you by Water Fuel Engineering!


Water Fuel Engineering's team completed the first installation of the HydroGen unit on a New Holland CX6080.


This is the world's first hybridisation of a harvester! The vehicle will continue to use diesel but will now benefit from the oxy-hydrogen. Our expectation is a drastic emissions reduction in the region of 80% and a significant decrease in fuel usage.


We want to extend our gratitude to everyone who made this possible and invite collaborators on our journey to decarbonise agriculture - one vehicle at a time!

Wednesday 01 June, 2022
First installation on a mobile mill
carried out!

The first installation of its kind, the mobile mill has been hybridised to use oxy-hydrogen as an additive fuel to reduce emission levels and fuel consumption.

Monday 14 February, 2022
UCL hydrogen spinout
closes £35m investment round!


Professor Dan Brett (UCL Chemical Engineering), co-founder of Bramble Energy and co-inventor of the core technology, said: "This Series B investment allows Bramble Energy to broaden the range of applications into which the technology can be used. It’s great to see university-based inventions translating to commercial reality and I’m proud of the vital role the UCL Department of Chemical Engineering has played in this.''

Tuesday 19 October, 2021
JCB invests in hydrogen
and expects to have tractors powered only by hydrogen in 2022.


JCB is investing £100 million on hydrogen engines. The company already unveiled a prototype hydrogen powered JCB backhoa loader and a JCB loadall telescopic handler in London.


JCB Chairman Lord Bamford said: 'Our sort of machinery will need to be powered by something othe than fossil fuels. We make machines which are powered by diesel so we have to find a solution and we are doing something about it now.'


The investment demonstrastes the strong belief that hydrogen is the fuel of the future. However, the UK hydrogen refuelling infrastructure is still in its infancy and whilst pure hydrogen is the solution of the future, it is not ready become the fuel of today.


The price of pure hydrogen needs to come down and the refuelling infrastructure needs to be developed, for hydrogen to reliably power agricultural vehicles. So we need short-term solutions to vehicle emissions as the UK hydrogen infrastructure is being developed. Water Fuel Engineering is ready to provide it. Our retrofit technology allows users to continue using their vehicles but with an 80% reduction in emissions. The agricultural community can reduce their vehicle emissions today, instead of waiting years before starting to adapt to UK climate obligations.

Monday 30 August, 2021
Toyota to launch hydrogen-powered Prius and Corolla
in 2023 to show the power of hydrogen


Toyota will enveil their Prius gasoline-hybrid in December 2022 and and plan to launch a hydrogen-powered Corolla by 2023. The difference with the Mirai is that the Corolla will use hydrogen to power the engine.The Mirai generates electricity to power its motor from hydroge and oxygen reactive in its fuel cell, but the Corolla will burn pure hydrogen directly in its engine. 


These efforts are to promote hydrogen as a viable alternative to electric. The announcement demonstrates how hydrogen can be used to reduce emissions of any size.  

Friday 16 July, 2021
F1 to adopt hydrogen
'Maybe hydrogen is the route that Formula 1 can have where we keep the noise, we keep the emotion but we move into a different solution' - Ross Brown, F1 Managing Director for Motorsports

Sustainability has become a central objective for Governments and organisations around the world, Formula 1 is no exception. Many drivers and Ross Brown himself, have expressed scepticism that electric cars can provide the same acceleration as fossil fuels, and worry that eletric cars would reduce the excitement the sport brings. Electric cars are silent which isn't as exciting as hearing drivers thunder past you.

Replacing carbon fuels is a significant challenge for F1 and electric is not a viable option.

Hydrogen, on the other hand, has a higher energy density than diesel and has the potential to bring F1 to the net-zero target without sacrificing any of the excitement the sport brings.

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