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Benefits of our technology:


Continuous Carbon Cleaning: oxy-hydrogen continuously cleans the engine from carbon residue which can make vehicles feel more powerful and reduce maintenance costs.


Improved Combustion: oxy-hydrogen improves the combustion rate of petrol and diesel. The improvement in fuel consumption is between 5-25%.


Emissions Reduction: oxy-hydrogen reduces exhaust emission by up to 80%. This reduction occurs approximately two hours after installation, by which time the oxy-hydrogen can effectively decarbonise the engine cylinders.


Advantages of our technology:


Retrofit solution without engine modification – the installation process takes less than a day and the units can be moved between vehicles. The electronics of the vehicle are not affected in any way.


On-board hydrogen production – oxy-hydrogen is produced only when the engine is running and there is no need for specialised infrastructure.


Compatibility - as an additive, oxy-hydrogen can be used with any carbon-based fuel, such as diesel, petrol, and natural gas.


Pre-Combustion Solution – oxy-hydrogen prevents the formation of emissions rather than a method of carbon capture or exhaust fume treatments such as DPFs or Ad-Blue.


Electronic Control Unit – HydroGen is completely autonomous, self-regulating, can work for extended time periods and allows vehicles to continue running without disruptions if the electrolyser stops working.



Water Fuel Engineering specialises in autonomous electrolysers generating a gaseous mixture containing a 2:1 ratio of hydrogen to oxygen, called oxy-hydrogen (HHO).


Our technology improves the combustion process of internal combustion engines through hybridisation, where oxy-hydrogen is used as an additive to fossil fuels. The results are lower exhaust emissions, reduced fuel consumption and a cleaner engine. There are no changes done to the engine or the electronics of the vehicle, and the only consumable is distilled water.


We are committed to delivering tomorrow’s innovation today by challenging conventional ways of thinking about energy and health.

As a company, we have the insight, creativity and adaptability to respond technical or business needs to deliver the best possible service. Our strong commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration with academic and business organisations enhances our research and technical capacity to continuously improve our technology.

The strategic objectives of our company are to inspire, empower and equip organisations and individuals with the means of addressing global challenges and embrace innovation.

Water Fuel Engineering will always welcome those who have the vision of a cleaner and brighter future.


 "Substantial Reduction in Emissions”   

                 David Smith; (Cloffrickford Renewable Energy)