Water Fuel Engineering


Water Fuel Engineering are specialists in hydrogen hybridisation.

HydroGen generates a gas mixture of 2:1 hydrogen to oxygen, called oxy-hydrogen (HHO), which is introduced to the engine through the air intake, resulting in a faster and more efficient combustion process that reduces exhaust emissions and improves fuel consumption.
With HydroGen, you can enjoy the benefits of on-board hydrogen production without the need for specialised infrastructure.

The installation process is quick and easy, taking less than a day, and it does not require any modifications to the vehicle's engine or electronics. HydroGen can be used with any carbon-based fuel, such as diesel, petrol, and natural gas, making it a versatile solution for all types of vehicles.

Our technology has been tested and proven in a variety of environments, from winter conditions in South-Eastern Europe to summer conditions in India, and has a track record of durability, reliability, and usability. HydroGen is completely autonomous and self-regulating and can work for extended time periods without disruptions.

The benefits of HydroGen are numerous. It continuously cleans the engine from carbon residue, which can make vehicles feel more powerful and reduce maintenance costs. The improvement in fuel consumption is between 10-25%. The oxy-hydrogen also reduces exhaust emissions by up to 80%.

  • HydroGen has been implemented in various applications such as agriculture, public transport, trucks, vans and utility vehicles with consistent emissions reduction:
  • The Farming for A Better Climate initiative funded by the Scottish Government, monitored by Scotland's Rural College, demonstrated fuel savings of 13.5% and an emissions reduction of 80%.
  • The Transport-Technology Research Innovation for International Development initiative funded by the UK Department for International Development demonstrated an emissions reduction of 74% in Indian public transport buses.
  • The Air Quality Grant Scheme funded by the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs demonstrated consistent emissions reduction when used with vans, trucks and utility vehicles.

 "Substantial Reduction in Emissions”   

                 David Smith; (Cloffrickford Renewable Energy)