Water Fuel Engineering

Water Fuel Engineering develops on-board autonomous electrolysers that reduce emissions and fuel consumption by introducing Oxyhydrogen gas (HHO) to conventional vehicles through accelerating the burning process in engines.


The effect of adding oxyhydrogen is well documented in academia and research. Our real-world results include a reduction in emissions of 80% and a fuel saving of between 14 and 29%.


Clients have also experienced lower maintenance costs due to continuous engine cleaning leading to DPFs being regenerated less frequently. Reports of higher engine power have also been consistent.


Established in 2013, WFE has spent six years of research and development, and now in 2019 the benefits of HydroGen™ are available in our range of products.







 "Substantial Reduction in Emissions”   

                 David Smith; (Cloffrickford Renewable Energy)